Hi Folks!

So a few months ago my best mate and I were having dinner in our local italian, my newborn baby daughter fast asleep beside us, and a bottle of warming red inside us. We were talking about how much I talk. Having previously written a blog all about her adventures in the world of fostering (fosteringmotherhood.blogspot.co.uk), she suggested I share all my  jabberings with the world in a new blog. I thought ‘Hell yeah! Why not!’  Seven months later and I am finally managing to type-scribble some of the posts that have been flying around in my head onto here – my new blog; Mama’s Sunshine. As an antenatal teacher many posts will be birth/baby/new parent related, (and based on the latest evidence based research/NICE guidelines) but as a mother wired on coffee, some are more motherhood, parenting, family and life in general related. No obligation to read but if you do I do hope you enjoy it.


12 thoughts on “Hi Folks!

  1. I love that you are my friend and that my whole family is friends with your whole family. You are certifiably mad and bonkers and could introduce talking as an Olympic sport BUT this made me laugh SO MUCH after a pants day. More. Please x


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