Who is God?


‘Why is God so quiet?’
Said the boy one day
‘Why doesn’t he answer me
When I kneel down and pray?’

‘I never hear a word from him
He just doesn’t talk back!
He doesn’t answer my questions
Like when will Santa be back?’

‘And, why are some children hungry?
And why do people get sick?
Why do poachers hurt animals?
And nasty baddies kick?’

How to explain the silence?
Or comprehend the mystery?
How to account for all the sad things
That pepper our whole history?

There is a truth that can’t be proven,
But one that open hearts feel,
That God is simply love itself,
You don’t really have to kneel!

Instead of asking on your knees,
Or trying to understand,
Just accept that life is a gift,
And that the world is in your hands.

God is the sunshine that warms you up,
The giggles you share with your friends,
God is the tree you love to climb,
And the fun in making your dens.

God is the hug that makes you smile,
And the laughter you hear in the street,
God is the kindness you show and receive,
And the potential in everyone you meet.

We don’t know why bad things happen,
We can really only do our best,
To take care of everyone,
And this planet on which we rest.

(For my son.)

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