Your Baby’s First 3 Months, AKA ‘The Fourth Trimester’

“When a baby is born, so is a mother.”


You’ve finally had your baby. You’re in a hospital bed, amongst strangers, on a ward which resembles some kind of mad baby supermarket, and you can hardly believe this tiny, pink, squirmy being is real let alone a whole other someone who actually belongs to you. Your entire body aches, it’s a war zone in your pants, you can hardly walk around or even breathe because your innards are still gleefully slotting back into their pre-pregnancy positions, and a six different midwives have given you massively conflicting advice about feeding whist manhandling your breasts and milking you like a confused cow. Continue reading

Handy Hints for Mini Breaking with Kids


We recently went away for the weekend. It was to be a very special treat. A family mini break if you like. My idea, (although Mr G didn’t need much convincing), and all all in all it was a huge success – amongst the tears and tantrums, episodes of car sickness, and inevitable thumping, yelling and squealing coming from the back seat on the outward journey, the weekend was peppered with unmistakeable moments of enormous well being. We went to a Family Hotel in The Countryside. Not just a place where they included fish fingers on the menu, chucked a slide in the front and declared themselves family friendly, but a REAL family hotel where families are made to feel so welcome that you are significantly less mortified by your children’s feral behaviour than you would be normally. Continue reading

Hi Folks!

So a few months ago my best mate and I were having dinner in our local italian, my newborn baby daughter fast asleep beside us, and a bottle of warming red inside us. We were talking about how much I talk. Having previously written a blog all about her adventures in the world of fostering (, she suggested I share all my  jabberings with the world in a new blog. I thought ‘Hell yeah! Why not!’  Seven months later and I am finally managing to type-scribble some of the posts that have been flying around in my head onto here – my new blog; Mama’s Sunshine. As an antenatal teacher many posts will be birth/baby/new parent related, (and based on the latest evidence based research/NICE guidelines) but as a mother wired on coffee, some are more motherhood, parenting, family and life in general related. No obligation to read but if you do I do hope you enjoy it.