Brain Growers: Why Love is Everything



Did you know that when a baby is born less than one third of his brain has developed? Did you know that the rest of her brain grows during the first three years of life?

But brains do not grow like cabbages do. They need a lot more than water and sunshine. Your brain is no cabbage. Brains need LOVE. Brains need YOU. Without responsive human interaction, ideally in the form of a besotted mummy and daddy, baby brains cannot grow.

Brain surgeons are all well and good but if you think about it, when they set to work, their material is already provided and set out right there in front of them. They have something to work with. But you actually GROW that thing. You grow it day in and day out, and it takes you three years. Without you, brain surgeons would be nothing. (Time to update those CVs ladies and gentlemen.)

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