The Problem with Me Time

When was the last time you left the kids to their own devices and had a hot bubble bath? Or left the baby playing with her toys in the playpen while you had a coffee and read a book? I’m hoping it was yesterday. But if you can’t remember the last time, then read on Mama.

My heart has been heavy for a long time as I see and hear of how hard many, many mothers are finding their mothering. Too many are feeling trapped, owned, ruled by, and even resentful towards their children. The countdown to bedtime can start at breakfast – the days are so long, there are so many hours to fill! Yet in the next breath these mothers are saying they have no time for themselves, no ‘me’ time as is the current phrase. And to my dismay, the very important ‘happy mummy, happy baby’ mantra, is being forgotten; buried under a load of squeaky toys and piles of laundry.

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